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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The only thing between UGA and the National Championship is Arkansas Beating Missouri!
Georgia has already beaten three top 25 teams, Auburn, Missouri and Clemson. GT will be #4 and Alabama will be our 5th top 25 victory, then the playoffs will give us #s 6 and 7 and the National Championship!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Auburn Liar!

 Have you heard the one about the Auburn fan who came to Athens for the Georgia game and was abused by dozens of people for two days and NEVER EVEN REPORTED IT TO ANY AUTHORITY? No, what he 'apparently' did was NOTHING, he doesn't even mention telling anyone to stop or calling any names or taking a cell phone shot as evidence and he took no action himself...until he got home and wrote an anonymous letter to Reddit.

The author of this letter is lying, I'm sure of it.
Here's is completely insane to think anyone would endure such abuse without doing anything...he didn't contact stadium security he didn't contact security at the clubs and he didn't fight back...NO WAY. If he could say in '100% honesty' that he was so mistreated and the staff at the stadium and the bars refused to help him then he'd have a real point, but then too he would open himself up to being interviewed by them now. If I ever even witness such a thing going on I go straight to the proper authorities and demand action, I have actually had a creep arrested for bothering people at a bar I was in which is a heck of a lot more useful and gratifying than writing anonymous letters on the internet! This guy needs to come clean...He's no Tiger, he's The Auburn Liar! 


If Missouri loses one of their remaining two games then Georgia wins the SEC East! Mizz plays at Tennessee this week and at home V Arkansas next week.
Tennessee just beat SC and bombed Kentucky, they also need one more win to be bowl eligible! Go Vol's. Also, Arkansas (who play Mizz next at Mizz) just beat LSU 17-0 and the week before lost by only17-10 to Miss. St.! If Ark doesn't beat Ole Miss this week then they will still need one more win to be bowl eligible too! BEAT MIZZ BEAT MIZZ BEAT MIZZ! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gurley, 'To play, or not to play?'

 Some think it was a bad and stupid thing that Todd Gurley came back from suspension to play for UGA versus Auburn, because his injury ended up costing him draft status 'aka' money. He was projected to be drafted at #12 by Mel Kiper and now it's assumed that he will drop in the draft. But that's not the whole story.

Gurley could have gained a lot in the draft by leading GA to an SEC championship and beyond. He might have moved up from 12 to the top 3. And too, if it became a BIG STORY that Gurley was 'sitting out the season' while he was perfectly healthy and eligible and his team was still fighting for the SEC conference championship...face it, he would have been written about as a 'selfish quitter', especially since UGA had spent serious money on his insurance. WHAT IF...Gurley had announced he was quitting the team and then UGA got to the SEC championship without him and then lost...Gurley would be blamed...and if UGA had won the SEC and lost in the CFP playoff, Gurley would be called 'the scoundrel' who cost Georgia the national championship. His career and reputation would be seen negatively...this way it's positive and he will still make good money whatever happens.

All the talk about Gurley quitting the team to preserve his health and draft status is surely based on the assumption that UGA has a very narrow path (including a loss by Missouri) to get to the SEC championship and potentially the CFP Playoff and a National Championship. Countless great college football and basketball stars have led their teams into NCAA Championship tournaments when their high professional draft status was guaranteed. Why didn't they just 'quit' before the 'big game' to preserve their huge pro contracts? You could ask why Jamesis Winston doesn't just quit Fla St. right now and wait for the draft? What if FSU loses a game against Florida or Duke (in the ACC Championship) and gets knocked out of the final four? Should Jamesis boycott whatever bowl game his team gets?

Is the new 'mode of operation' for star college athletes with great professional futures to quit playing for their teams during their final year unless their team is on path to a national championship?
No. Todd did the right thing.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Holy nuts!

Poor Todd Gurley is hurt (God bless you Todd)

the path is open.....

HOW INSANE that Georgia fans have to pull for Missouri to lose and we have two weeks of it left.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


A lotta games left, but I predict these will be the teams the College Football Playoff Committee winds up with...





Monday, November 10, 2014

Homestretch in the SEC

Here's a murderers row finale for the SEC, all culminating in the SEC Championship game.
If the College Football Playoff Committee isn't resigned to take a 2 or even 3 loss SEC team into the final Four then the SEC could be left out, after having 2 or 3 teams in their top 4 all season long...

Miss St.- V- Alabama, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss
Alabama- V- Miss St., Auburn
Ole Miss.- V- Arkansas, Miss. St.
Auburn- V- Georgia, Alabama
Missouri- V- Texas A&M, Tennessee, Arkansas
Georgia- V- Auburn