Monday, January 6, 2014


AUBURN 55  FLA ST.    48 in a row SEC...8 in a row SEC...

I'm just guessing such a high score because...
A. There has been a lot of high scoring this year (I think we've probably seen more scores of 50 + points this year than ever before in NCAA football).
B. I want to see a game where the total score is over 100!

Either way, I think Auburn wins this game. Auburn has seen 6 or more defenses this year who are better than FSU, while the FSU defense hasn't seen any defense half as good as is Auburn's. It's gonna be a wake-up call for J Winston. I don't want any injuries, but he will see more pressure tonight than he's seen in all his previous games this year combined.

The Vegas bookies with their power rankings (giving Auburn 2 losses in close games they won) are up to something fishy. 8.5 point spread FSU? When FSU only played 1 top 20 team and Auburn played 6?! That's silly.


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