Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fluke Win for FSU

Rotten interference penalty hands Fluke State win, but it doesn't really count.

Look at the stat's! If ever a team has outplayed  another and still lost this was it! If the Houston Texans play the 49ers eight times, they might win one and sadly, that's what happened here.

Sure Auburn had some luck in beating GA this year and if not for that 'magic catch' they wouldn't have become the champions of the best conference in college football history, the SEC. But FSU had more luck in this 'win'.

The way J Winston was harassed, sacked and pummeled it's clear that if he were in the SEC he would probably not have made it to the end of the season and....

NEWS BULLETIN- Winston is not FAST! He is slow as Christmas in the pocket, no quick feet, a lumbering giant. Sure he can get going if he has 5 or 10 free steps to build up speed and he's big and hard to tackle, but the man can't dance!

Just wait until next year with the 4-in, the SEC will have at least THREE of the spots and win again and again and again......

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  1. What world do you live in oh that's right SEC land. Keep dreaming about any team from the Sec beating the Noles as long as the lumbering giant is the qb.auburn had 4 weeks to prepare and still couldn't get it done so imagine if they only had a week like every body else.